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Gastrointestinal disease is a frequent problem for dogs and cats. It’s really easy for fur babies to suffer gastroenteritis by carrying bacteria, virus or parasites in the daily life. Bacterial gastroenteritis is usually treated with antibiotics, however, long-term use of antibiotics could lead to imbalanced intestinal micro-flora, which affect not only intestinal heath but also the whole body.

Currently, there are no effective treatments for other gastroenteritis like inflammatory bowel disease or viral gastroenteritis. Severe diarrhea caused by such diseases could weaken your fur babies, even fatal especially for puppies and kittens.

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We combined experiences of Chinese medicine doctors, herbal medicines consultants, veterinarians and biomedical masters and doctors in NTU, NTHU and Academia Sinica, trying to verify traditional herbal technique scientifically and failed countless times, eventually, we developed intestinal remedy for fur babies: [ GI Ranger ]

Under the witness of CHEN-SI LIN, associate professor of School of Veterinary Medicine NTU, and multiple clinical veterinarians, [ GI Ranger ]is the first pet intestinal health product in the country to publish research papers at the annual meeting of veterinarians.

Blood test proves[ GI Ranger ]is very safe for liver and kidney, moreover, it can increase the number of monocytes , lymphocytes and immunoglobulins in the blood, enhancing immunity and strengthening physical fitness.

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