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紅腫癢痛難自抑 草本護膚爽爽來

Itchy skin and rashes? Redness, dandruff, and even hair loss? Pollen, mold, dandruff, mites and allergenic foods are immersed in the modern world, plus the humid and hot climate of Taiwan, causing allergies and atopic dermatitis in fur babies throughout the year.

The use of steroids can quickly alleviate the symptoms of allergic and atopic dermatitis, but it can cause serious side effects and affect the health of fur babies.

[ Dr. Andrew寵物守護者 ] 生醫團隊
We strive for the skin health of fur babies

結合了中醫師、草藥諮詢師、臺大、清大、中研院生醫領域碩博士及獸醫師們的經驗,以科學精神搭配傳統草本智慧,特殊技術精粹<荊芥>、<當歸>、<薄荷>等草本精華,打造毛寶貝專屬皮膚健康的守護者:[ 寵寶膚爽 ]

持續使用 [ 寵寶膚爽 ] ,透過深層漢方調理的方式,打造健康皮膚的安全防護罩。

[ Skin Ranger ]
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